Kaolin milling machine prices

Kaolin mill equipment,complete set of equipment,including hammer crusher,bucket elevator,storage silos,vibration feeder,micro-grinding host,frequency classifier,double whirlwind collector,pulse dust removal system,high pressure air,air Compressors,electrical control system.

  working principle:
  1.Work,kaolin milling machine host motor through the reducer drive the spindle and turntable rotation,the edge of the turntable roller pin drive dozens of rollers roll in the rolling ring roller.Kaolin milling equipment for sale
  2.The kaolin ore material is crushed by the hammer crusher into small particles,then sent to the storage silo by the hoisting machine,and then through the vibrating feeder and the inclined feeding pipe,the kaolin particles are evenly sent to the bulk material of the upper part of the turntable Disk.
  3.Kaolin particles in the role of centrifugal force scattered to the circumference,and fall into the grinding ring roller raceway was ring roller,roller,grinding,through the three-loop processing into kaolin powder,high-pressure fan by suction The external air into the machine,and the crushed kaolin powder into the separator.
  4.The rotating impeller in the classifier causes the coarse kaolin powder to fall back and grind,and the fine powder meeting the requirement enters into the cyclone collector with the airflow and is discharged from the discharge valve of the lower part to be the final kaolin ultrafine powder.A small amount of fine dust flow through the pulse filter after purification through the fan and muffler row.Kaolin milling machine prices

  Kaolin milling machine in the case of the same equipment,kaolin milling machine discharge than other models of higher output.
  2.Long life
  Kaolin milling machine products through the national high-tech certification,the technical indicators have reached the national level.
  3.High security
  Kaolin mill equipment closed the whole operation,there is no rolling shaft or screw,not because the parts fall off leading to damage to the machine.
  4.Small environmental pollution
  As the kaolin milling machine is fully enclosed operation,will not pollute the environment of dust and noise pollution.

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