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  A graphite mill for use in the production of graphite,said graphite mill comprising a support frame,a cylinder and a hopper,characterized in that said support frame comprises a base plate,a pallet,a riser and a sliding plate,And the vertical plate is located on the top surface of the bottom plate,and below the sliding plate is provided a telescopic cylinder,and the sliding plate is provided with a stopper block,wherein the sliding plate is connected with the And a cleaning chamber including a cleaning rod and a spray head,two adjacent ones of the cleaning rods,the cleaning chamber and the cleaning chamber are arranged in the cleaning chamber,Wherein the nozzle is fixedly connected with the cleaning rod,and the grinding chamber is provided with a grinding device,wherein the grinding device comprises a grinding ring,a grinding roller and a supporting column.Graphite milling machine for sale

  The bottom of the grinding ring is provided with a filter hole connected with the inner wall of the cylinder through the supporting column,the number of the grinding rollers is at least 4,the grinding roller is evenly distributed in the mill And the grinding roller is fixedly connected with the support column through a plum blossom frame,wherein the plum blossom frame is connected with the support column,the filter chamber is provided with a filter cartridge and a collecting bucket,and the filter cartridge comprises a frame body And a filtering screen,wherein the left end of the frame body is provided with a second water inlet,and the filtering screen comprises a first filtering screen and a second filtering screen,wherein the filtering cartridge and the collecting hopper are provided with telescopic And a hopper located on the slide plate.

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