Fluorite milling equipment for sale

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  Fluorite hardness is low,and the brittle,in general,need to pay attention to avoid violent collision,while avoiding contact with chemicals.Fluorite in South Africa,Mexico,Mongolia,Russia,the United States,Thailand,Spain and other places also have output.China is the world’s largest mineral fluorite one of the countries,mainly produced in the southeastern Hunan Chenzhou area,in addition to Zhejiang,Fujian and other places have produced.Half of the world’s production of fluorite to produce hydrofluoric acid,and then the development of manufacturing cryolite,for the aluminum industry.Fridge in the coolant(freon)to use fluorite.

  Fluorite ultra-fine grinding machine is used for processing of fluorite and other conventional materials,ultra-fine milling machine,an increase of material and grinding roller contact time and area,eliminating the previous grinding machine grinding efficiency problems.This kind of ultra-fine grinding machine is also suitable for the conventional materials such as limestone,K-feldspar,marble,talc,calcite,barite and other hardness not more than 9,humidity below 6%,widely used in mining,chemical,metallurgy and many other Industry.

  Fluorite processing used in industrial fields,fluorite powder grinding equipment can not be separated.So which milling machine can be used to process fluorite it?

  R series Raymond mill grinding 80-400 purpose fineness,is a small point of the mill,production 2-9 tons per hour.HC1700 large tilting mill can grind 80-600 mesh,output 6-25 tons per hour.HCH series of ultra-fine milling machine to grind 400-2500 head,yield 1-6 tons per hour.HLM vertical milling machine grinding fineness 100 mesh(150μm)90 through the production of 9-70 tons per hour.HLMX ultra-fine grinding mill fineness 325 mesh-2500 head,output 4-20 tons per hour.More than milling machine can be used to grinding fluorite processing equipment has a variety of models,a variety of functions,customers can choose according to their actual needs flexible.

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