Calcite milling equipment Egypt prices

  As a common ore raw material,calcite is widely used,calcite ultrafine mill can produce calcite powder to 3000 mesh,which is ideal for fine milling processing equipment,its compact structure and simple operation makes it the industry In the application of one of the most extensive mill equipment.Calcite ultra-fine milling machine is widely used in mining,building materials,chemical industry,metallurgical industry,transportation,water conservancy projects.In particular,the independent development of Henan Granville ultra-fine grinding machine,not only renowned the domestic market,but also has been in Eastern Europe,the Middle East,Africa and other countries and regions are widely used.

  Characteristics and Advantages of Calcite Superfine Grinding Machine

  1,high efficiency According to the final size of the same finished product and the same motor power,stone mill capacity as much as spray grinding twice.

  2,the life cycle of the long ring and the roll is made of special materials forging with high utilization rate,in the same grinding material and complete the special size,spare parts life cycle is about a year,than the impact crusher or turbine shredder more 2-3 times longer.In addition,calcite carbonate reaches 2 to 5 years.

  3,high safety and reliability,such as in the grinding chamber without rolling bearings or screws,did not cause the bolt off or bearing and seal components of the rapid wear problems.

  4.High fineness adjustment The final fineness of the material can be adjusted between 325 and 3000 mesh.The fineness of the product can reach D97≦5um.5,environmental pulse dust collector and muffler application greatly reduces the dust pollution and noise.

  YGM series of high-pressure suspension roller mill complete set of equipment from the host,reducer,analysis machine,pipe device,blower,dust collector,hammer crusher,bucket elevator,electromagnetic vibration feeder,electronic control system.In the host of YGM series high-pressure suspension roller mill,the roller assembly is suspended on the roller hanger through the cross-axle.The grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the spindle and the blade holder.
      The pressure spring is pressed in the roller bearing chamber Of the cantilever on the outer surface of the arm shaft as the fulcrum for the fulcrum to force the grinding roller tightly pressed on the inner surface of the grinding ring,when the motor driven by the drive spindle rotation,mounted on the blade holder blade synchronous rotation with the roller,Roller in the grinding ring rolling around the same time around their own axis of rotation.The electric motor drives the analyzer to rotate through the transmission device.
       The higher the impeller speed,the finer the finely selected powder.In order to ensure the mill in negative pressure state,the increased air flow through the fan and the host more than the trachea into the bag filter,after being purified into the atmosphere.YGM series of high-pressure suspension roller mill air flow in the fan-mill shell-cyclone separator-fan circulating flow operations,so less than high-speed centrifugal mill dust,clean operation of the environment,the environment pollution.

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