Limestone milling machine in South Africa

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  With the rapid development of the milling industry,mill performance is also greatly improved,the type of material to grind more and more,but in spite of this,the use of ore mill in the process or have some constraints,Such as the material into The milling machine particles can not be too large,for these problems,users in the purchase of our milling equipment,we Yuhong Heavy Industries staff have explained,but the user will certainly have questions,feed The material is too large on the mill’s work have Any adverse effects?Ore milling machine accessories are generally plum frame,roller,grinding ring,blade,etc.,when the bulk material into the grinding chamber,the machine’s material handling capacity in a certain case,with the continuous input of materials,it Will Resulting in the processing capacity of the equipment can not keep up with the output of the material,so that these materials have been accumulated in the grinding chamber,resulting in product powder channel is blocked,resulting in serious production failure.Therefore,if the Material is too large will likely lead to machine block material,thus hindering production.Raymond Mill

  In addition,if the feed size is too large,may lead to powder fineness increased.This case the fineness of the powder fingers to the collection of powder materials,the proportion of low-grade materials increased,because the ore mill in the milling Production,the size of the expected size of the material is a relatively small range,Within this range,as the feed particle size increases,the proportion of the larger powder material that can be blown away after treatment increases,so that the proportion of the Larger size powder material passing through the classifier increases.

  There is the ore mill in the production process,if the feed particle size increases,then the machine will increase the incidence of failure,which is no doubt,because large pieces of material on the ore grinding machine parts will also increase the force,In These accessories,the more rapid wear and tear accessories are mainly three kinds:grinding roller sets,grinding ring and blade,because these parts are in direct contact with the material,so their wear and tear than expected,but also makes the user accessories life Reduce.

  The feed size is too large in the surface is not often to the normal operation of the ore mill,fineness and other issues,but in the long run,it will affect the life of the ore mill accessories and mineral milling machine service life,Henan Yuhong Heavy Industries,where the majority of users in the processing of large pieces of ore,you can first use the crusher to break it about grinding,so that not only reduces the burden of grinding ore grinding machine,material fineness is also guaranteed.

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