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  Cement industry in the use of milling equipment will be considered at the same time,Raymond Mill and ball mill two kinds of equipment,but customers in the choice of processing cement powder project need to consider what factors.First of all,the need to understand the size of the device to determine the direction of selection.

  Cement industry in the production and disposal of materials,are all areas of loose materials.Many of which are in the strict sense of the”powder”;the vast majority of materials can be summarized as powder.Even if the obvious block-like material,also need to make the production process into powder.Since people are faced with a wide range of powder,then we can not not understand the characteristics and behavior of the powder,while familiar with the powder characterization and testing methods,know a variety of powder treatment and disposal system Operation principle and optimization means.Cement industry production processing,disposal and preparation of the object are powder,the customer needs from the technology and production systems to select equipment.

  Through the experimental determination of particle size composition method called particle size analysis,commonly used method is sieve method.The use of a set of pore size from large to small standard sieve sample powder into a variety of particle size of the process known as the sieve.The resulting grain size in each particle size,although still different,is within a relatively small range,and the mass of each particle size is weighed to know the composition of the particle size.After knowing the required particle size standard,customers can select the appropriate milling equipment according to the actual situation.

  Laboratory sieve with the standard screen,sieve size changes to follow a certain standard.Internationally common standards are:the order of the sieve mesh size of each layer to form a geometric series.China’s test sieve standard(GB6005 a 85)with reference to the development in 1983.The mesh size of the wire mesh sieve(square hole)is from 125mm to 20m;the size of the square sieve of the perforated plate sieve is from 125mm to 4mm,the size of the circular sieve is from 125mm to 1mm;the square of the electroformed sheet and The size of the circular screen is from 500 um to 4 um.Microporous screens as small as 1μm have been used in the laboratory.After the adoption of experimental standards in the choice of equipment on the basis of the customer.When the particle size can be used in more than 125mm ball mill equipment,in 125 or less fineness can be Raymond Mill and ultra-fine grinding and other equipment for operation.

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