Raymond Mill for sale price

Raymond Mill as the grinding industry,the main grinding equipment,many customers will be concerned about the Raymond Mill production cycle,because the equipment production cycle related to customer profitability,first of all,Raymond Mill is divided into two large and small equipment,But each model of the production cycle is not the same,today Hao Yuan Machinery details about each type of production cycle.

  1,3R series
  3R series is a small Raymond Mill products,the device suitable for self-employed processing,due to the small size of the equipment,production stability,processing in the self-employed is very practical,so welcomed by the majority of small and medium customers,the equipment production cycle of about 3-5 day.

  2,4R series
  4R series belongs to medium-sized equipment,suitable for the nature of the plant and practical,due to restrictions on the installation of equipment,so the installation cycle longer,professional installers can basically control to within a week.

  3,5 R series
  5R series products in use is generally large-scale projects,the installation of trouble,the larger works,the general control cycle in a half months.

  4,6R series
  The series of equipment,the main buyers focused on the use of cement and government units,are generally government-developed units,installation and commissioning cycle in a month.

  Customers want to install a Raymond Mill,then how long it takes to put into production?This should be based on the size of Raymond Mill to determine the size of the general large Raymond Mill need a month or so,it needs to do the cement foundation,the installation time is relatively long,if it is a small Raymond machine It is relatively easy,and generally 3-5 days to complete the installation and commissioning.Hope that customers choose their own equipment according to the actual situation.

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