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  Things use a long time,there may be some unnecessary problems,mill equipment in use when there may be some problems,for example,material blocked,and how to do.Such a problem,we must not worry,to calm.SBE teaches you how to deal with this problem,so that the milling machine equipment to work properly,do not give you trouble.

  Mill equipment

  Mill equipment,no less than the material,a clogging phenomenon,is due to the whirlwind to collect Qi discharge mouth there is a problem.Discharge volume comparison of large.If the release of the material when the discharge valve leakage,the original may have been grinding the material involved in the cyclone collector which.When the core airflow into the mill equipment,air duct,this will not only cause infarction,but also reduce consumption.So this point in the work must pay attention to the material can not put more,we must in accordance with the normal amount of material into the feed port.

  SBE developed milling equipment in the whirlwind collector discharge mouth there is a simple structure,it seems simple,but there will be some unnecessary trouble.Mill at work,be sure to pay attention to the hardness of the material and the amount of material,not too much,and the powder can not be doped too much,so there will be blocking the phenomenon.But also to regularly check the mill inside the replica,is not there any problems,to solve,it will not appear the phenomenon of material blockage,resulting in you can not work,bring unnecessary trouble.

  Our research and development of the milling machine equipment,simple structure,the technical staff to teach you,you just follow the reasonable work,there will be some problems,there is a regular maintenance and repair work,when the replacement requires long-term replacement Spare parts can not relax.This will increase the life of the mill.

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