different of metal ore and non-metallic mineral materials processing

There are more than 160 types of mineral resources on the ball. There are more than 160 types of minerals. Mineral resources are formed in the long-term geological changes. There are three types of solid, liquid and gaseous. To understand the mining and processing of solid minerals, they are stored on the surface or buried in the ground, according to the mineral composition is divided into metal and non-metallic minerals, metal minerals and non-metallic minerals in the mining process there are many points of similarity and Differences, the following two types of mines we post-processing differences in the further understanding, such as broken milling equipment selection, smashing workflow.
    What is the relationship between mineral and crushing mill? Regardless of metal mines or non-metallic minerals in the untreated before can not be practical, so the value of the mineral to achieve, it must go through a variety of mining, crushing, grinding device processing in processing, that is the value of the use of mineral resources needs A variety of processing machines to achieve. Metal ore and non-metallic mineral composition of different components in the chemical and physical properties and the scope of application there are differences, so the late processing of large differences in material, broken milling equipment to buy the difference in where?

    Ore type determines the scope of its application, thus affecting its choice of processing technology, above all the crushing of the ore are very similar to the need to crush through a variety of crusher production, crushing equipment selection is required only in accordance with the hardness of the material also determines its equipment Select the type, and then based on production and finished product requirements to select the appropriate size models, but the metal equipment and non-metallic equipment in the milling process has a greater difference, the most important table in the selection of milling machine types, metal ore and more Mainly non-metallic minerals to Raymond Mill, high-pressure grinding and other vertical mill-based, which is due to the nature of the ore itself is determined.

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