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Ultra-fine grinding equipment is the smallest particle size of the finished product,mainly used for milling some of the hardness of the material in line with the size of the ultra-fine pieces of work.Then use the customers want to buy their own micro-grinding equipment can achieve high-yield low-cost effect,then what factors control the operation of micro-grinding it?Copper ore milling machine for sale

  1,the feed moisture content.

  Micro-grinding equipment for feed moisture content is very high,generally require moisture content of less than 6%,if the water content is too large,will make the material glued to the internal equipment,reduce work efficiency,the equipment caused by plug the status quo.Therefore,we must strictly control the moisture content of feed,to ensure production capacity.Copper ore milling machine prices

  2,the hardness of the material.

  From the large scope of the requirements of micro-grinding material is lower than the Mohs hardness of 6,so as to ensure that the finished product specifications,the natural existence of the material hardness generally can meet this requirement,for those hardness of the material,micro-grinding equipment can Processing,but the efficiency,production can not be so high,which is to improve the micro-grinding equipment.

  3,the size of the feed particle size.

  In general,raw materials from raw materials to the process of grinding a lot of micro-need to first look broken,the initial crushing can make the particles smaller particles,micro-grinding equipment is grinding,milling equipment for the feed size is required,Generally less than 20 mm.So you can protect the material to achieve the effect of 300-3000 purpose.Copper ore mill in South Africa

  Micro-grinding of the finished product size,production capacity is not a factor on the decision,it needs all factors complement each other,strict work procedures and requirements can achieve good results.If you follow the correct requirements to produce,high production and low consumption is no longer a problem.We Pu Rui of the ultra-fine grinding,limestone micro-grinding,coal gangue micro-grinding,fine grinding of garnet,calcium carbonate and so on.Welcome your purchase.

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