Copper ore mill prices sold in South Africa

Friends of the purchase of milling equipment users should always hear the ball mill and Raymond Mill these grinding equipment,are used to grind the material of the key equipment,then what is the difference between the two?SBE for everyone today to understand the difference between ball mill and Raymond Mill mystery.

  First of all,Raymond Mill and lattice-type ball mill belong to the same grinding machine or grinding machine,but its grinding fineness difference is relatively large,Raymond Mill fine than the ball mill.Lattice-type ball mill discharge speed,crushing the material size is relatively coarse,grinding product size of 0.3~0.2mm or-0.074mm,particle size of the mass fraction of 45%to 65%.Raymond mill is the need to crush the material from the hood side of the hopper to join the machine,hanging on the host roll device on the vertical axis of rotation,while rotation itself,due to the role of centrifugal force when rotating,Outside swing,squeeze in the grinding ring,so shovels scoop up the material to the grinding roller and grinding ring between the rolling roller rolling material crushed.Copper ore grinding machine for sale

  Ball mill for the horizontal cylindrical rotary device,the material from the feeding device through the hollow shaft into the material evenly into the first mill mill,the warehouse has a lined liner or corrugated liner,and equipped with different specifications of the ball,Cylindrical rotation produces centrifugal force will ball to a certain height after the fall,the material produced a heavy blow and grinding.Material in the first warehouse to achieve coarse grinding,the single-compartment plate into the second position,the material in the warehouse for further grinding,the final discharge of powder through the discharge grate plate to complete the grinding.Raymond mill powder machine is ultra-fine grinding equipment,grinding of mineral raw materials fineness can reach 2μm below.Conventional grinders do not meet these requirements.Raymond Mill outstanding advantages are:stable performance,easy operation,can be reduced,wide range of product size adjustment,which is used for a number of moderate hardness of the following non-metallic fine grinding.Copper ore milling machine prices

  Ball mill is mainly used for Mohs hardness below 7,humidity below 6%of the material,widely used in black and non-ferrous metal processing,fertilizer processing,refractory processing and silicide manufacturing,the material can be dry,wet Of the grinding,the fineness of its largest up to 425 head,commonly used in the dressing production line for the material grinding process for the production line to prepare a process.Raymond mill feed size is generally 15~20mm,the size of the grinding product is usually 0.044~0.125mm.Raymond mill is mainly used for the Mohs hardness below 9.3,humidity less than 6%of the non-flammable,non-explosive all kinds of minerals,building materials,chemical materials such as ultra-fine grinding processing,for example,graphite,talc,Stone,limestone and other materials,fine powder processing,fineness of up to 2000 mesh products,fineness in some of the materials required for high engineering and projects more appropriate.Copper ore mill in Angola

  Mill equipment in addition to the ball mill,Raymond Mill,as well as high-pressure milling machine,ultra-fine milling machines and other equipment,each device corresponds to different needs.

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