Diatomaceous mill prices for sale

It is understood that diatomaceous earth is a siliceous rock,diatomite reserves of 3.2 million tons,and Linjiang City,Jilin Province,China is an important producer of diatomite,its reserves and quality ranks first in the country.Its scope of application is very extensive,But it is non-renewable resources,the state of its development efforts or control,not blind to the illegal mining,to be fully exploited the way to exploitation.

  Diatomite is widely used in coatings,paints,sewage treatment and other industries,can play a combustion-supporting,smoke-free,non-toxic,well received by users.As the diatomite popular,diatomaceous earth milling production line is also increasing demand,The diatomite grinding production line is a jaw crusher(or hammer crusher),bucket elevator,silo,electromagnetic vibrating feeder,Raymond mill,analysis machine(separator),auxiliary,fan,centralized electronic control and other equipment components.

  Great Wall Heavy Industries production of Raymond Mill powder processing of diatomaceous earth with high efficiency,energy saving,environmental protection,high rate of discharge characteristics of the material can be fully processed milling.This kind of mill is the latest mill developed by Great Wall Heavy Industry.It adopts the most patent technology of bevel gear transmission,internal thin oil lubrication system and curved air duct.Stable performance,easy operation,low energy consumption;adjustable controllable particle size,grinding material widely used;Concentration is completely lower than the national environmental protection regulations.

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