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Roller assembly seal is not good for Raymond Mill which impact?To answer this question,let us recall before a situation:the normal production line in the mill,whether the roller does not often turn the problem,the roller assembly of the tightness of its normal operation is closely related,and the assembly Sealing performance is also the main basis for the quality of the reaction mill,the following general Xiaobian to explain why we say so.
  The Importance of Sealability of Mill Assembly:
  First,the roller assembly includes roller,roller core,bearings,oil seals,nuts,roller sets and other accessories,which roller,roller sets,bearings and other important mill wear parts and grinding,grinding Powder technology to play the main responsibility,the roller does not rotate the whole mill can not be normal production.
  Roller assembly seal is not good for Raymond Mill which impact?Mill maintenance matters
  Second,the milling process by the environment more dust,and roller mainly by the drive to achieve work,if the sealing is not good,the dust will enter the gap with the internal bearing,causing a huge friction of its normal rotation,severe cases will result in bushing Damage,locking and other issues,since the roller assembly is so important,then the importance of sealing in the milling process will be obvious.
  Finally,the problem of bearing sealing reflects the precision and advanced nature of the milling equipment.The speed of equipment development is fast and the quality of the equipment is getting higher and higher.Sealability is one of the main factors.
  When Raymond milling equipment roller assembly seal is not good,what will be the consequences?
  1,poor sealing,dust into the bearing internal,contaminated lubricant,affecting the stability of production.
  2,bearing friction increases,wear increased,seriously shortening the bearing life.
  3,the bearing is not running at the same time will lead to abnormal rotation roller,resulting in uneven grinding roller wear,grinding roller damage.
  4,bearing,grinding roller damage to the production of serious delays in the duration,the company’s progress in cooperation.
  5,roller,bearings and other wearing parts replacement maintenance costs and accessories itself with high cost,the company suffered serious losses.
  Mill maintenance:mill maintenance roller assembly maintenance is the most important part of the bearing maintenance to do a good job of”Qincha,Qinhuan,ground cleaning”,that is,diligence check:always check the roller when the normal operation of the bearing Lubricants are appropriate,the composition of spare parts without damage,etc.;frequently change:in accordance with the provisions of the use of equipment that regularly add replacement lubricant on the Raymond machine roller once a day on the 3rd Lithium Grease butter;ground cleaning:Bearings should pay attention to clean Maintenance,according to the work intensity of the mill to develop a clean program,thoroughly cleaned once a month.Other parts of the principle of lubrication and maintenance of similar activities,the so-called”one-third by grinding mill by the maintenance of”shows the importance of maintenance.

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