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  Ultrafine powder industry in the work process,there are many issues to note that in the immediate need to pay attention to the primary problem is that environmental issues,the current ultrafine powder industry,including equipment used in primary crushing equipment,and two milling equipment,the two Kinds of equipment in the process of dealing with the process is often due to various reasons,resulting in too many environmental issues need to pay attention to today Hao Yuan Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.on ultra-fine powder industry,environmental issues and solutions to explain.

  Superfine powder industry,environmental problems are mainly dust and noise pollution of water issues.The first problem in the settlement of dust generally have a way.In the dry ultrafine grinding,there are more or less dust,feed port,discharge port and fan sealed powder,fine particle size,easy to fly from the seal is not very good.The solution is to use a negative pressure system for crushing and grading equipment,the need to plant in the crushing plant is equipped with a good dust sealing equipment,sealing the appropriate use of better equipment to achieve the dust collection and utilization of raw materials in the process of saving,To achieve material savings to achieve dust environmental issues.

  The second problem in solving noise pollution.Especially for the vibration mill,ball mill,noise is 120dB,when necessary,specially set isolation box or isolation chamber,isolation and grinding equipment.Has been the development of some low-noise ultra-fine grinding equipment,such as tower mill,stirring mill,you can give priority to use.However,the ultra-fine grinding conditions,the requirements of different industries is not the same,in the mining industry,refractories,coal industry and other industries,require more relaxed.In medicine,food and other industries require relatively stringent,so the customer needs according to their own industry requirements to choose their own grinding equipment.

  The above two issues,as the industry’s major issues,welcomed the new and old customers in the equipment selection and environmental issues in place,in accordance with their own industry requirements and equipment within the main requirements to achieve the best requirements,welcome new and old customers to come Consult the optional equipment.

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