Coal pulverizing equipment South Africa prices

Coal mill mainly by the host,analyzers,fans,finished cyclone separator,powder cyclone separator and air duct.Among them,the host by the rack,into the wind volute,blade,roller,ring grinding,shell composition.Coal Mill Raymond Mill using similar products at home and abroad advanced structure,and in the same industry Raymond Mill on the basis of updated design improvements made of the mill than the ball mill high efficiency,low power consumption,floor area Small,one-time investment.

  Coal mill is not only applicable to the milling of coal,but also widely used in barite,calcite,potassium feldspar,talc,marble,limestone,dolomite,fluorite,activated carbon,bentonite,Kaolin,cement,phosphate rock,gypsum,glass,insulation materials,Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3,humidity below 6%non-flammable mineral,chemical,construction and other industries more than 300 kinds of materials,Powder processing.

  Working process of the coal mill:During the process of the coal mill,the motor drives the roller roller through the triangular belt pulley and the center shaft,and the roller roll which is lifted by the bearing and the pendulum shaft rotates along with the grinding roller hanger.Rolling along the inner circle of the grinding ring.Dusting fan to import and export of negative pressure mill,no dust pollution,while eliminating the heat inside the machine.

  Coal milling machine

  Coal mill performance and characteristics:

  1.Energy saving.Compared with Raymond Mill,blower energy consumption is greatly reduced,avoiding the blade in the grinding chamber sliding energy consumption.

  2.High production efficiency.By changing the grinding roller and grinding ring shape,improve the material grinding efficiency and yield.

  3.The consumable rate of the wearing parts is high.

  4.Particularly suitable for high hardness,difficult to process materials,such as silicon carbide,corundum,ho British sand and so on.

  5.Use two methods of production,dry process production and wet process production.

  6.Small footprint,machine structure design is reasonable,the space is only 50%of Raymond Mill.
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