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  It is essential for the grinding process to wear the mill.However,as a customer,it is necessary to find a reasonable way to guarantee the service life of the equipment.SBE has rich experience in the use of the mill.At present,There are more than 500 milling production lines,has formed a domestic production base of high-efficient wear-resistant milling equipment more than 10,on the grinding process of grinding wear factor analysis and research process.

  Between the grinding plate body and cylinder liner impact and friction,wear will make the grinding body.If you do not add a new grinding,will reduce the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.The main factors affecting the abrasive wear are:1)the milling machine through the internal;2)between the grinding body and the relative hardness and particle size of the material;3)grinding body filling rate,if the filling rate is greater equipment used in the process more Saturation;4)the diameter of the grinding material,grinding material diameter must ensure a reasonable feed size to ensure that the grinding process does not appear fault 5)grinding product fineness,the mill fineness adjustable adjustable,Reasonable to ensure that the material milling process more stable.

  The higher the speed of the mill,the more wear.The grinding rate increased with filling has a better effect,grinding wear also increased.The abrasive material also has a significant effect on the wear.High chromium cast iron wear resistance,heat resistance,good toughness,corrosion resistance and so on.The use of high-chromium cast iron ball mill is the best high-chromium cast iron lining,so better wear resistance.Low-chromium cast iron has good wear characteristics,into the ball,iron and fine grinding liner in the barn is the most appropriate.So looking for high wear-resistant materials is to ensure that the effect of using equipment more stable.

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