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  In the industrial development,Raymond Mill has been slowly infiltrated into various industries,Raymond Mill can be a variety of enterprises.The equipment can be manufactured differently depending on the requirements of the product.Raymond mill is the most common use of plastics,paints,pharmaceuticals and other industries.Raymond mill more than 6000 mesh to add to the plastic products which can not only improve the appearance of the product size,but also can improve the strength of products and anti-aging ability.

  Raymond mill as a grinding equipment,grinding the amount of material can be much This is the producers are more concerned about the factors affecting the fineness of the mill which in the end,they are determined by the mill itself,there are other Some factors,to see the following factors are from those aspects.

  (A)depends on the size of the early crushing size.In the grinding process of mineral grinding,grinding a knowledge of which a part of its grinding before there are a lot of work,minerals are the effect of primary processing,grinding will give the latter part of the impact of processing.So in the course of a break to have someone to view,if there is uneven particle size,should be promptly adjust the crushing equipment to ensure the stability of broken grain size.

  (B)depends on the Raymond mill equipment itself.Mineral final fineness is Raymond mill internal analysis machine to choose,under normal circumstances,the material into the grinding chamber after a shovel scoop and into the grinding roller and grinding ring is squeezed crushed,the blower will air From the mill base suction chamber,the grinding material into the analysis and the large particles of material will fall back to grinding,meet the fineness requirements will flow into the finished product cyclone integrator.However,due to prolonged work,the analysis of the blade will be a lot of wear and tear,which will result in grinding materials,the fineness of the change.

  The working principle of the mill is driven by the motor reducer,driven by the main bearing reducer,the use of centrifugal material grinding effect.In the mill parts,the most important three parts are the air duct,reducer and the main bearing.1:Raymond mill air duct is the role of support and into the wind.On the manufacture of duct material requirements are relatively high.2:In accordance with the ideal gear ratio to select the reducer 3:Bearing is the most important,his importance Needless to say,so be sure to check the quality of the bearing.

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